Saturday, May 24, 2014

Washington D.C

My cousin talks loud and fast. That is the only way he knows how to talk. The way he speaks greatly resembles Bam Margera's uncle Don Vito. It all makes sense to him in his head and he tries to tell you but gets to excited and the words all come out at the same time in a huge pile of unrecognizable words. 

That is what woke me up at 9:00 this morning. Why? Because he just got back from his eighth grade class trip to Washington D.C. I woke up to the words "Do you know what a selfie is?" he took 874 selfies in Washington D.C. When I went to washington D.C I got to take 2 disposable cameras. I literally had to plan out the perfect 48 pictures or else I was screwed out on memories. So While I was planning out the perfect pictures of what may or may not be blood from President Lincolns head Michael took 48 pictures of a black Tahoe because there were FBI personnel near it and he was fairly confident Barack Obama was inside of it. He also took a picture of a black squirrel because he thought his sister would like it (she watches a lot of B.E.T).

He also was allotted a hefty budget. I only know this because he came into my room this morning wearing all of the swag he bought. He was also eating a giant bag of M&M's and a beef stick. 

When I went to D.C I spent all my money on food and any tangible item that had the letters "D.C" on it. Michael on the other hand spent his money on things he would be confident would break and he would hate in 4-5 days. also a life size rebel flag for some unknown reason. He wears it as a cape. A giant hillbilly racist cape. I can confidently tell you all that probably 90% of the money he went there with went into a claw machine. He got a visor with eyes and furry balls that hang off the ears. That is currently wearing over a monster energy flat bill hat. He said he for sure spent fifteen dollars in one sitting at a claw machine trying to win something stupid that costs ten cents to make I'm sure. After he gave up he said "A little midget girl put a dollar in and won it right away and that just made me mad"

This has been all he talked about for the past 16 hours. Also the beef stick is still sitting on my white comforter because he scared the shit out of himself with those stupid inside out popper toys. Which he bought three of in D.C.  

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